By: news | September 26, 2017

homemade noodles

You will learn making homemade noodles. It is easy organic noodle recipe.

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By: news | September 16, 2017

apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar with mother (top view)

Today, you will learn how to make apple cider vinegar. It is healthy, organic recipe for life. It contains water soluble fibers known as pectin.

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By: news | September 04, 2017

watermelon jam

Today, you will learn how to make delicious watermelon jam recipe without pectin. Watermelon rind jam is easy and cheap. I am sure, you throw away rind of watermelon. Rind of watermelon includes different minerals and vitamins, also it shows anti-aging and anti-cancer effects. Let's start for healty recipe.

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By: news | August 20, 2017

Today, you will learn basics of natural yeast. This recipe is the fastest, easiest and healties yeast recipe in the world. You can use it to make bread, yogurt or boza.

natural yeast

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By: news | August 09, 2017

Sun Dried Domato

Sun dried tomato give chance to taste delicious meals in winter. We prepare it especially by Karacabey tomato that grows in Bursa. Karacabey tomato has more delicious pulp insteady of water. 

  1. First wash the tomatoes with water, because you will eat shell of it.
  2. Cut the tomatoes in half.
  3. Remove the water and seeds inside tomato to speed up drying process. You can use  tomato water to make soup. For small tomatoes, you don't need this process. Watch video.

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