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Sun Dried Domato

Sun dried tomato give chance to taste delicious meals in winter. We prepare it especially by Karacabey tomato that grows in Bursa. Karacabey tomato has more delicious pulp insteady of water. 

  1. First wash the tomatoes with water, because you will eat shell of it.
  2. Cut the tomatoes in half.
  3. Remove the water and seeds inside tomato to speed up drying process. You can use  tomato water to make soup. For small tomatoes, you don't need this process. Watch video.

4) Add rock salt on it to release the water of tomato.

drying tomato

What is sun drying method?

First day, cutted surface is exposed to sunlight. Second day, turn shell side of tomato to send water from inside to surface. Again, turn tomato, dry the surface by exposing to sunlight.

dried tomato

How long does it take to sun dry tomatoes?

It takes 5 - 10 days. It depends on sun and wind. Wind speed increases the drying process. Moisture reduces drying speed and increases bacterium risk. For efficiency, use a platform 30-40 degree angel to the ground for 90 degree sun light.

How do you store sun dried tomatoes?

You can keep it in refrigarator inside a container.

How to use sun dried tomatoes?

You can rehydrate sun dried tomatoes. Add boiling water on it, wait 6 hours to soften it. If you want tomato paste boil it until getting result.

Sun dried tomatoes recipe

Add boiling water on it, wait 6 hours to soften it. Poor more water. Then slice tomato into small pieces, add pepper, thyme, garlic and olive oil. Wait 2 hours for servising. You can use sun drying method for pepper.

dried pepper

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