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By: news | September 17, 2017

mince meat pie recipe
Mince Meat Pie Recipe

Today, you will learn homemade fried mince meat pie recipe with meat. It is called cheburek in Russia, çiğ börek in Turkey. Also, we can define as fried burek. Meat pie is dough filled with mincemeat and onions, fried in oil.


Mincemeat Ingredients to Fill Pie

  • 1 small onion
  • 1 small tomatoes
  • 150 gr mincemeat
  • Half tea glass of water
  • 1 hot green pepper
  • Salt


Ingredents for Dough

  • 250 gr Flour
  • Water
  • Salt

Video of Mince Meat Pie Recipe

Mince Meat Pie Recipe

Method of Fried Mincemeat Pie Recipe

  1. Grate tomatoes and onion
  2. Add salt, green pepper, water and mincemeat
  3. Mix all. Now, filling ingredients is ready.
  4. Prepare dough with flour, salt and water. It must be soft as earlobe.
  5. Cut dough in small parts
  6. Make small phyllos (thin sheet of dough)
  7. Put filling ingredient on half of phyllo (You can see all details in video.)
  8. Bend over on itself to cover mincemeat
  9. Prees with your hand at the corners of phyllo to keep mince meat inside of phyllo
  10. Shape the corners, cut it with a tea plate to paste both sides of phyllo. If you don't cut corners, you get rigid corners during cooking. For soft burek cut the cornes. (You can see all details in video.)
  11. Fry 1 glass of oil in a pot
  12. Put raw meat pie in the pot
  13. Cook on medium heat, both side of it until getting pink color. (You can see all details in video.)

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