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canning tomatoes

You will learn canning tomatoes to eat in winter.


  • 5 kg Tomatoes (prefer karacabey tomatoes)

Method of Canning Tomatoes

  1. Wash tomatoes.
  2. Cut raw tomatoes in two parts
  3. Take out seeds and water.
  4. Cook it in pressure cooker for 2 minutes. It depends on your pressure cooker.
  5. Wait 2 hours to cool it.
  6. During waiting process, you will get water, don't use it.
  7. Use a colander to take out  water inside tomatoes.
  8. Throw away skin of tomatoes.
  9. Again boil crushed tomatoes water. We need this process for canning.
  10. Put in jars.
  11. Close the cover of jar.
  12. Turn upside down. Wait 1 night to understand success of your canning process.
  13. Put jars in refrigarator. Wait 3 days for better canning process.
  14. After that, you can keep them in room temperature, but keep away from sun light. 

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