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Bursa is the third largest city in Turkey. You can live summer and winter at the same time. Marmara Sea and Uludağ mountain in same place. Renault and Fiat factories were established in Bursa. In this article, you will see best places to visit in Bursa, ( The church of the first council for Christianity, The first underwater basilica, the third orthodox church in the world, The first  monk mountain ) and you will learn what you should eat in Bursa. Read the article until end to see all pictures and videos of churchs.

Bursa Tourism Introduction Video

Places to Visit in Bursa

City Center

French Santa Maria Church, it was constructed in 19th century by French Levantines. The building has a use as worship place, care place for sick and poor person. It serves until 1940. And then it serves as dormitory. Final restoration in 2003 as French Church Culture House. 

Protestant Church on Rakım Street (Coordinate 40.180446, 29.066217 )

santa maria church french

Inside of French Church

french protestant church
french church

Özlüce - Church (Coordinate 40.237601, 28.907608)

özlüce church

Armenian Church on 1. Akdemir Street 

(Coordinate 40.180157, 29.071631)

Armenia Church

House of Armenian Priest (Coordinate 40.179292, 29.069595)

Armenian priest house papaz

Ulu Mosque (Coordinate 40.183920, 29.061694)

ulucami ulu mosque

Demirkapı Church (40.188438, 29.042136)

Demirkapı church iron door

Silk Bazaar (Coordinate 40.181481, 29.074796)

silk bazaar

Green Tomb

Green Tomb

Irganda Bridge (First bazaar on bridge) (Coordinate 40.181899, 29.070769)

Irganda bridge bazaar

Inside of Bridge


Cumalıkızık (Historic village of Ottoman empire) (Coordinate 40.176117, 29.172062)

Cumalıkızık historical village

UNESCO Video of Cumalıkızık

Uludağ (Monk Mountain)

Uludağ Ski Center

uludağ skiing center

You can learn more about uludağ by article, opportunities in uludag mountain. Uludağ was called monk mountain after acception of worship with icons in 7th council. Many clergyman escaped from tortures of Byzantine empirer to uludağ. 

Uludağ (Monk Mountain) Old Churches

monk mountain
Monk Mountain Church

iznik (Nicaea)

It was capital of four big empires; Bitinya, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. It is an unique open air museum, and it was surrounded by 5 km of walls about 10 m high. iznik is important for Christianity. The first and seventh councils were organized in iznik Ayasofya church-mosque. Councils where church leaders and theological authorities from all over the World were gathered to make decisions on the principles of Christian morality and discipline. The acceptance of the participants were accepted in the all Christian churches in the World.

iznik Ayasofya Church-Mosque (Coordinate 40.429175, 29.720111)

In iznik, there are alot of important historical ruins. One of them, Basilica of Saint Neophytos was discovered in 2014 under water musem in iznik lake.

Video of Basilica Underwater in iznik Lake (Coordinate 40.425226, 29.709595)

Saint Neophytos Basilica

neophytos basilica


Mudanya is old Rum seaside town. It is famous with The Armistice of Mudanya that was an agreement between Turkey on the one hand, and Italy, France and Britain.

Trilye is antique seaside town. There are alot of historic churches.


Dereköy Village - Potamia Church ( Coordinate 40.316551, 28.802289)

dereköy church

Trilye Town - Panagia Pontobasilissa Church (Coordinate 40.391341, 28.794993)

trilye panagia pontobasilissa church

Aydınpınar Village - Apostoloi Church (Coordinate 40.330679, 28.914119)

aydınpınar Apostoloi church

Kumyaka Village - Chief Angels Church (Coordinate 40.384561, 28.826242)

Kumyaka Chief Angels Church

Kurşunlu Town - Hagios Aberkios Church (Coordinate 40.361820, 29.026487)

hagios aberkios church


Historic village on gölyazı lake.


Gölyazı Saint Panteleimon Church (Coordinate 40.170302, 28.680325)

gölyazı church

You Should Eat in Bursa


Candied chesnut

Candied chesnut

iskender Kebab


Traditional Dance and Music in Bursa

Kılıç Kalkan (sword shield) Team of Bursa 

Mehteran Band - Music Team

Bursa Live Cameras

Watch Bursa live with cameras.

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