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I will explain history of Bursa synagogue and jews. There were three synagogues in Bursa. Now, There are two active synagogues. The big one, Geruş synagogue is used in summer, and small one, Mayor synagogue is used in winter.

bursa synagogue
Bursa Synagogue

Geruş Synagogue (coordinates 40.188729, 29.055225)

Bursa Synagogue geruş synagogue
Geruş Synagogue

The roots of the Jemaathens extend to the founding years of the Ottoman State. Romans forced the jews to migrate from Jerusalem to Bursa. Then, Ets Ahayim Synagogue was built. This is important because it is the first synagogue built during the Ottoman Period. Etz Ahayim was one of the oldest temples in Anatolia. Unfortunately today, Etz Ahayim has only a small part of the gate and remains.

Entrance of Geruş Synagogue


In 14 century, jews were expalled from Spain by Alhambra decoration. Ottoman empire send ships to take jews. Again, Ottoman empire placed them to Bursa. Then Geruş synagogue was established in Bursa. In 15 century, Ottoman empire again accepted jews from Mayor island of Spain. Then, Mayor synagogues was established. According to records of the 16th century, the population of the community was 1200 people, then population reached 3500-4000 in the 19th century.


Mayor Synagogue (coordinates 40.188700, 29.055852)

Mayor Synagogue

Mayor Synagogue

Mayor sinagogu

Today, population of jews is 60. Most of them are over 40 years old. They left Bursa to live in istanbul, izmir and Israel.

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