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By: news | August 01, 2017

Barcın Tumulus is near Yenişehir, Turkey. Archaeological excavation started in 2005. The project is a long-term effort to document the function of Anatolia in spreading the agricultural revolution from the East to Europe. Based on the results of radiocarbon dating methods, the earliest settlement is dating back to around 6,500 BC.

Barcın tumulus höyüğü
Barcın Tumulus

The excavations reached a new pottery type which was not encountered in the Eastern Marmara and other regions. It is thought to represent an older pottery tradition. Researchers found some dairy products on pottery.

milk spoon

Researchers check the last meals of die people to learn nutrition habits. Again, they find dairy products.


In Barcın Tumulus, One big discovery is footprint of a man before 8500 years. They build their house on wooden floor. Then they plastered woods by clay. In one house, someone accidentally pressed on clay. Normally, clay couldn't stay until today without heating process, but in this house, a fire occurred to cook the footprint.

Footprint 6500 B.C. in Barcın Tumulus

Footprint BC

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