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By: news | July 30, 2017

First archaeology park of Turkey, Aktopraklık Tumulus was discovered in 2002 during factory construction near gölyazı (apolyont) lake in Akçalar, Bursa, Turkey. Archaeological excavation started in 2004. History based on B.C. 6500 - 5500. The area was surrounded with a ditch that shows an authority in village. Normally, a ditch was digged to protect village from enemy or wild animals, but there is no data about battle.

Aktopraklık tumulus höyüğü
Aktopraklık Tumulus

Farm and neighborhood systems were established. In the center of tumulus, there was a big oven and olive production place. All that shows collective work and cooperation in tumulus.

Video of Aktopraklık Tumulus ( Top view of land )

The Oldest Murdered Warrior

murdered warrior in aktopraklık tumulus

In Tumulus, There are 60 tombs. Legs of died people were pulled to abdomen and then rotated to right or left side. During excavation, a skeleton was found, he was injured with an arrow from his neck and then he was stabbed from abdominal. Archaeologist found flintstone inside of his spinal cord (12mm). It is one of the oldest murders that can be detected with skeletons before history.


Historical Artifacts

Sling Balls

sling rocks

Sling balls were designed in elliptical shape to get perfect aerodynamic structure by clay. They has a range of 200 m to hunt birds and other animals. Balls were not cooked long time to keep weight and to give advantage of buckshot effect.

Drill Bit

prehistory drill bit

It was used to make decoration stuff.

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